Hi there! 👋

Hey 🤗, my name is Vanessa, and I am a User Experience Design Bachelor's graduate from Ingolstadt. If you had asked me several years ago what I was going to do, I most likely would have told you something to do with business or psychology. I have always been intrigued by understanding people's issues and discovering solutions. My career plans may have changed, but I still explore people's problems, just in a slightly different way. By using empathy when listening to people, I uncover and meticulously analyze their pain points.

My studies and practical experiences taught me three things: learning never stops, communication and candor is the key when working in a team, a failure is just as instructive as a success. I attempt to integrate these learnings into my design process, as well as my daily life. This is why I truly believe that a successful product is designed with people rather than for people.

When I am not doing UX-related things, you'll catch me on my stand-up paddleboard or learning new things (like React and brushing up my high school spanish).

Any questions? Don't hesitate to drop me a line!